Transitioning from traditional products to holistic solutions.

Owens Corning produces many of the products that go into today’s homes. In fact, the company invented fiberglass insulation more than 70 years ago! More recently, Owens Corning has shifted its marketing focus from products to holistic solutions. While products, like insulation, are key in building comfortable and energy-efficient homes, a new approach has emerged in home building called “building science” that is changing the industry. This set of sophisticated, hygrothermal modeling principles help builders create high-performance, future-proof homes. This is the future of home building, and building science will eventually be ubiquitous in the industry. For COHN, the challenge was simple: introduce and sell Owens Corning’s Building Science program to builders who are looking to build more energy-efficient and affordable homes with a focus on comfort.


Brand the program to commoditize the full-service solution.

COHN began by strategizing the branding of Owens Corning’s Building Science program, leading to the fruition of ComfortBuilt™ Homes. We developed the product name, logo design, and customizable marketing pieces, as well as B2B sales tools so the Owens Corning’s sales department can easily cross-promote to builders. COHN’s comprehensive “toolkit” included print ads, radio spots, press release templates, and an app designed to help prospective buyers determine energy efficiency.



ComfortBuilt™ Homes: The new way of building.

The ComfortBuilt™ Homes toolkit was widely adopted by Owens Corning’s sales department. Builders around the country were excited to hear more about the newly rebranded offering and toolkit, and the first ComfortBuilt™ Home rolled out later that year. ComfortBuilt™ Homes launched an entirely new approach for Owens Corning. For a major trade show, International Builders’ Show, Owens Corning took the ComfortBuilt™ Homes program a step further by tapping into the builders’ perspectives and telling the Owens Corning building science story through their words. COHN created a content marketing campaign that included a series of video testimonials, several compelling case studies, a series of infographics, and a blog series for Owens Corning’s thought leadership blog. The content marketing campaign was a huge success for Owens Corning, creating their highest web traffic in seven months and, most importantly, 500 new qualified booth leads.

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