Client Challenge

Creating a website as innovative as the real estate development itself.

When you are building a real estate development that will be truly cutting edge in technology, sustainability, clean energy, and wellness, you need a website that looks and feels as state of the art as the project itself. That was the challenge facing Fulenwider, Inc., a Denver land developer that is bringing the first “smart city” concept to North America with Peña Station NEXT.


A real world smart city.

Smart City” because unlike other smart city concepts in Europe and Asia, Peña Station NEXT is a smart city “for the real world.” Next, we tackled the hero image and opted for an embedded 3-D rendered video of Peña Station NEXT as a property, provided by the architect. The video is hypnotizing and illuminating on what a dynamic place Peña Station NEXT will be at build-out.

The design is striking, playing off the ascendent peaks of Denver International Airport and the white and blue of the property’s logo.

Client Results

Bringing Peña Station NEXT to life.

The primary, and essentially only meaningful, goal was to create a platform that would reflect the cutting-edge, innovative, state-of-the-art, “cool factor” that the project itself did.

Launched in January 2023, right on schedule, truly “checks all the boxes” for the client and its target audiences. During the initial reveal to the client, people in the room claimed they got the chills from seeing the property vision in real life, which is one of the highest compliments we hoped to receive.

Creative Design
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