Marketing + Media

A paid media agency that brings it all together.

Powerful marketing works like a vehicle: countless moving parts and specialized thingamabobs generating forward momentum, steered by a single entity. When firing on all cylinders, it’s a thing of beauty. A modern miracle. But all too often in marketing, those moving parts aren’t working in unison. Goals aren’t synchronized, campaigns fall short, and the vehicle sputters. Since our inception, we have always prioritized the fully integrated, collaborative approach. It’s in our culture, our DNA, to ensure the left hand works with the right.

As simple as it sounds, breaking down silos and integrating components isn’t an easy task. If it were, every agency on earth would operate as we do. But we’ve put in the time and effort and brainpower to bolt the marketing and media together to create a vehicle with some storytelling horsepower.

With the foundation of a strong brand, we work with our clients to develop eye-catching, strategic advertising campaigns to stand out in paid media, through both traditional and digital avenues. Even with the rise of self-publishing and content marketing, paid media remains one of the most powerful ways to raise awareness and reach your audience quickly.

Your primary contact will be someone from our account service team who is responsible for being your voice within the COHN ecosystem. They will be an extension of your team and your eyes and ears at COHN to ensure your perspective isn’t lost on anything we create. They also help keep your projects on time and on budget, like an orchestra conductor.

We must ensure that our work together reaches the right audience at the right time, through the right channels. This is how we achieve a measurable return on your investment.


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Kaiser Permanente


Craig Hospital




Owens Corning


Credit Union of Colorado


Cheyenne Mountain Zoo


Exempla Heart Month