Be seen, heard, and experienced by your customers.

We take the time to really see, hear, and feel your story—so your audiences can do the same through brand marketing.

Every Interaction Matters.™

Decisions are never made on a single data point. Even price shoppers are evaluating much more than the cost of your products and services when they make a decision. Your audiences—that is, your customers, investors, patients, partners, recruits, etc.— make their decisions based on dozens, possibly hundreds or even thousands, of conscious and subconscious data points with your brand. This is how we see the world at COHN. Every interaction with your brand matters because you never know for sure what brand moment will be the tipping point that turns your prospective customer into a brand loyalist.

Strategic solutions. Meaningful relationships.

COHN Marketing was launched in 2000, ready to bring new marketing thinking for a new millennium. Now more than 20 years later, we are creating the next generation of brand marketing. Based in Denver, Colorado, our mile-high view spans the nation. We are driven to develop successful brands, and our diverse perspectives incorporate the ever-changing world of traditional and digital marketing. We believe that even the best ideas will fail without a rock-solid relationship between the client and agency, so our values live in the spirit of collaboration, integrity, and going beyond expectations. We want to get to know you. We want to help you achieve your goals. We want to be your marketing agency of record.

Our Team

CJ Powell

VP, Brand

Jeff Cohn

Founder and CEO

Ali Lego

Chief Operating Officer

Lisa Wieting

Chief Marketing Officer

Caile Turner

Senior Project Manager

Kelly Behm

Senior Communications Director

Chris Thomas

Creative Director

Debbie Berschling

Senior Account Director

Gabi Baldwin

Content & Social Media Specialist

Gabriel Tarin

Digital Art Director

Justin Gatz

Digital Marketing Specialist

Kathy Borgais

Senior Account Director

Lynde Scott

Production Artist

Paul Wood

Senior Developer

Shari Spooner


Taylor Brizendine

Account Director

Teri Springer

Senior Art Director




Our Culture

We are a relationship-driven organization, inside and out. We value meaningful partnerships that last for years, not months, so we prioritize transparency and openness as a strategy to form those long-lasting relationships across the business. A lot of agencies talk this way, but few companies have operationalized internal culture and core values like COHN has. We recruit, hire, and do our best to retain people who bring a diverse, fresh perspective to their role while still being rooted in our shared values as a company. This is how we are able to evolve and grow while remaining true to what it means to be a COHNian.

Our Values


Be Genuine

We work in a schmoozy industry where flattery can run rampant. Where results can be fudged. Where charm can get you out of any bind. COHN is not that kind of place. We’ve all worked at those companies, and it’s probably why all of our paths led to COHN. Honesty is too important here. Being a good partner means too much. Authenticity is why we succeed, so be honest. Do what you say you’ll do. Root for your co-workers. Act in the best interest of the client. Value transparency. And prioritize integrity.

Intellectual Curiosity

Ask Why

The best ideas always start with why. Why are you here? Why hasn’t anyone else thought of this? Why should anyone choose you over your competitors? Why can’t we try it this way instead? Intellectual curiosity leads to new thoughts. It sparks great ideas. It forms brands. It makes boredom impossible.

Solution Oriented

Bring a Solution

Let’s be honest: Sometimes, it hits the fan. Always has. Always will. Sometimes it’s your fault; sometimes it’s theirs. But when those times come—and they will—we encourage you to skip the self-pity and instead jump ahead to a fix. By shifting the focus from problem to solution, you’re already more than halfway to solving it.

Flexible & Open to Change

Embrace Change

Change is hard—especially at first—but it’s also constant. Have you looked at the marketing industry in the past 10 years? If you aren’t prepared to be flexible in the face of change, you probably won’t enjoy your time at COHN. Plans change. Budgets shrink. Clients waver. But you always remain flexible.


Give It Your All

Even with automation and AI and all the advanced tech that makes our jobs easier, this agency still needs you and your individual commitment. COHN is a people-first agency, which means we need our people to do more than just show up; we COHNians give it our all. Try hard, do your best, and stay motivated.

Our Philosophies

We are not afraid to have an opinion. In fact, our approach to brand strategy building requires us to take a unique point of view to find your brand’s true distinction. In our 20+ year history, we have taken a stance on hot button issues that challenge and strengthen our business. From Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to Artificial Intelligence’s role in marketing, COHN operates with several defined philosophies that serve as our north star.