Client Challenge

Humanizing financial lives into a world of pure imagination.

Credit Union of Colorado (CUCO) is a statewide financial institution that prides itself on being there to help its members with their financial lives, but when it comes to the banking industry, everyone offers the same products. Of course, they are differentiated by things like rate and convenience, but many are turning to niche messages, such as locations, digital tools, and “neobanks.” They can’t stand out on product alone. Most people don’t proactively switch banking resources unless they are going through a transition, such as a move, a job change, a marriage, a divorce, going to college, etc. During this time, people are more likely to review their financial options for in-the-moment solutions to their very specific needs. How does a local credit union reach them where they are in their financial journeys?


Keeping it real.

The Lifetopia campaign uses vibrant design, honest messaging, and snapshots of life’s real financial moments to differentiate and sell specific CUCO products: HELOC, Auto Loans, Home Loans, and New Member Accounts. Rather than selling strictly what the product is, we wanted to sell how the products get you to an outcome, such as going on a dream vacation, improving cash flow, making that car payment work within your budget, becoming parents through IVF treatments, etc. We wanted people to see that a dream doesn’t have to feel out of reach – we are here to help them get there through CUCO’s products with competitive rates, convenience, service, etc.

Lifetopia - Auto Loan Video (:30)

Lifetopia - Credit Card Video (:30)

Lifetopia - Everyday Checking Video (:30)

Lifetopia - HELOC Video (:30)

Lifetopia - Competitive Credit Card Video (:30)


Evolving Lifetopia’s long lasting results.

The campaign remains a brand staple after more than three years in the market with a new lease of financial stewardship. The Lifetopia visual design and creative copy are immediately recognizable by the public as CUCO’s brand. The campaign has been woven into every channel of marketing efforts through animated TV, radio, social, print, transit, email, and in-app promotions. The campaign isn’t afraid to be daring and connect with Coloradans on a personal level. As the financial landscape of Colorado and the U.S. changes, so does the Lifetopia campaign. Providing personalized and charming creative to reach new members looking for a banking solution they know is there to take the journey with them.

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