Prepare and Pivot with Your Credit Union Marketing

July 14, 2023

Why strategy and agility must work together in credit union marketing

The financial industry and its markets evolve quickly, which can significantly impact your members’ lives. As a marketer that prioritizes your members, you need agile marketing campaigns that meet current members (and prospective members) where they are in their life journeys, no matter what those look like. Member-first marketing campaigns that are agile and hyper-focused will help you stand out and generate long-term success for your credit union.

As a full-service marketing agency that has worked in credit union marketing for years, COHN has the firepower and industry understanding to get work done quickly so that you never miss an important “member moment” in your marketing. By prioritizing the member experience, credit unions can build trust, loyalty, relatability, and advocacy among their members.

Working with a marketing agency like COHN can help you create the right strategies that make you stand out, grabbing the attention of both existing and potential members.

Never-Stagnant Credit Union Marketing Strategy

We believe in strategy first. Endeavor to truly understand your members and how your unique selling propositions fit within their lives, then build intelligent campaigns that connect resonant messages to members where they’ll see them—and do all of that without breaking the budget.

Strategy is the foundation for all marketing success, and we understand it takes time and investments to develop a consistently winning strategy for your credit union. But as the great Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” What will you do when the markets turn, or a new trend emerges, or an airborne virus disrupts life as we know it? When should you stay the course, and when should you pivot?

Move at the Speed of the Markets

The ability to adapt quickly to changing market dynamics is crucial. After 20+ years in this business, COHN brings a wealth of strategic expertise to the table. We understand the unique challenges, opportunities, and inflection points that occur for credit unions, and we help to develop agile, yet still strategic marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience, regardless of external factors.

By aligning marketing efforts with the member journey, we can help credit unions create meaningful connections at every stage. This begins by staying sharp and understanding macroeconomic factors that will actually have meaningful impacts downstream for your members. Find the signal in the noise, so to speak. As your marketing partner, our team lives and breathes this stuff, and we’ll become an extension of you—always staying on the front line of trends and events that impact your credit union marketing plan.

Understanding Member Behavior

It’s not always external factors that can trigger a strategic pivot in your planning. Data is all around us these days, and we do our best to utilize the data analytics available to us to gain valuable insights into member behavior and preferences. When data isn’t readily available, go straight to the source!

One major competitive edge that credit unions have over big banks is the ability to tap into membership as individuals. Members are so much more than an account number, and they’ve chosen your community as the place they wish to bank. Survey members, and front-line employees, to keep your finger on the pulse of credit union membership behavior.

Never Stop Testing

Rule #1: The campaign is never finished. This is how we optimize campaigns, refine targeting strategies, and identify areas for improvement. COHN is skilled at A/B testing and uncovering data-driven insights to enable credit unions to create personalized digital marketing experiences that address specific member needs and pain points.

Leverage your expertise, agility, and data-driven insights to create memorable and engaging campaigns that resonate with members at every stage of their journey. COHN believes this member-centric approach, combined with strategic marketing initiatives, not only differentiates credit unions from competitors but also builds lasting relationships and drives business growth.

Embrace the power of strategy and agility to unlock the potential of exceptional member experiences and elevate your credit union’s marketing efforts to new heights.

Make Your Credit Union Members the Hero