Why Put People at the Core of Credit Union Marketing?

March 30, 2023

We all have financial goals we want to reach, yet too many marketing campaigns avoid the reality of money management and focus on the flashiest fintech and aspirational marketing. It’s time to put the power back with the people.

Money. Love it or hate it, it determines the course of our lives in one way or another. The food we buy. The cars we drive. The homes we create. We all have a mutual understanding that money carries intrinsic value, yet no one likes to talk about it.

Our lives are guided and molded by what our finances look like, and yet that is the information we are most sensitive about sharing. We all sit on this island alone hoping one day we will have transformed it into this grand paradise, a financial fortress, a utopia of our own design.

But what if you weren’t alone on that island? What if you had a trusted partner to show you how to make a fire, taught you how to fish, and not only gave you all the tools you needed to make something out of nothing, but took the time to show you how?

This is the inspiration behind our people-first marketing campaigns with Credit Union of Colorado.

As a credit union built for modern life, CUofCO believes in one simple phrase – “Here to Help.” They eat, breathe, and live this idea from inside and out. From internal chats between employees to signing up their members (not customers), CUofCO is developing and using systems to better serve their community by tracking the only data point that matters, “Care Metrics.”

We knew any marketing campaign needed to focus on this member-first mentality, but also highlight the tools and resources that help users set goals, learn about the financial landscape, and grow into their future selves. Which led to one of our most imaginative, whimsical and Colorado-proud campaigns – “Lifetopia.”

These campaigns both work toward a single purpose: Show that we all have financial goals, and by having the right financial institution behind us, we not only grow financially, but also as individuals who dare to have a dream.

“Sisters” TV Spot

“IVF” TV Spot

For “Here to Help,” COHN sought out real-life member stories to showcase how major life moments were made possible by having the right financial institution in place. “Sisters” is a story about the lifelong bonds that hold us together, and how a loan from CUofCO was able to reconnect a pair of siblings when they needed each other most. “IVF” focused on a couple looking to start a family through in vitro fertilization and how a loan from CUofCO allowed them to live that dream.

Lifetopia TV Spot

“Lifetopia” mashes up the words “life” and “utopia” to communicate that we are all humans who want to live a full life of adventure, and be whatever we want with the right tools to build it. This campaign combines vibrant and colorful illustrations with a very human approach. Cheeky, fun, and down right relatable, this campaign did something most banks and credit unions have been too afraid or conservative to try – Being fun and real.

We have always stood by putting people and brand first, and realistically marketing to people as they are today, so if you’re looking for a fully integrated agency to help you embrace a member-first mentality, connect with COHN and together we’ll map out your strategic goals to create marketing that matters.

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