Successful brands are never an accident.

They are built on meaningful connections

that captivate your customers at every touchpoint.

We believe that every interaction matters.

That’s how we see the world at COHN. Every interaction with your brand matters – both internally and externally. The brand we design. The ad you ran on Spotify. The subject line atop your promotional email. The load time on your website. How you react in a crisis. The posting schedule on your social platforms. The handwritten note you send after a big sales pitch. The way your team supports your brand message. Every interaction matters because you never know for sure which could be the event that changes everything.

Your story is special, and we can help you tell it.

Craig Hospital came to COHN with decades of brand equity and success. However, despite having a solid brand foundation, Craig needed help in pushing past its past and propelling Craig into the future. Through our signature brand strategy process, COHN helped Craig write a new brand story to create a captivating brand campaign that elevated Craig to places it had never been before.

Make your brand mean something.

It’s never about what you sell; it’s about why you sell it. Credit Union of Colorado has been serving members throughout Colorado for more than 80 years, helping people achieve their personal goals at crucial life stages.