Now is the Time to Embrace ‘Savor’ Marketing

April 20, 2021

This summer will mark the return of the ‘lingering’ consumer. We have the strategies to reach them.

You can feel it bubbling under the surface. It’s the familiar anticipation of warm summer days, but this year there’s another, deeper layer.

It’s the unspoken countdown to normalcy.

The approaching summer promises to be unrecognizable compared to 2020 (thank goodness), which means that now is the time to set up your brand for success, and that includes understanding your consumer’s new attitudes and desires.

Here at COHN, we’ve been paying attention to your consumer and have some thoughts on how best to achieve your hot brand summer.

  • First, you need to release the utilitarian mindset. For over a year now, marketers have been focused on creating campaigns that are practical, functional, and address the consumer’s needs. We’re ready, as an industry and a society, to jump back into joy marketing and allow consumers to feel pleasure, fun, and satisfaction from their experience with your brand.
  • Next, it’s time to think immersive. Our IRL interactions (if any) have been so brief and distant that now we are craving experiences that engross us. Think about how your brand can deliver marketing that lets consumers linger, savor, and take it all in on their own time.
  • Finally, keep convenience in mind. A year of limited crowds and reservation systems have changed our expectations around wait times. We’ve grown accustomed to booking a time slot and having the ability to anticipate when we can interact with the businesses we choose. In other words, we’re kinda spoiled. Keep this sentiment in mind when launching your next event or promotion. By staying accommodating and creating a frictionless experience, you can be sure to keep consumers satisfied.

Whether you are ready to make a splash or just dip your toe in, our integrated team of experts are ready to help make your summer a success. Connect with COHN today.

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