How to Run a B2B Marketing Campaign for B2B Brands

August 23, 2021

Insights from our Denver agency on how to launch your B2B content marketing strategy

Wondering how to run a B2B marketing campaign? Before we can jump into our specific recommendations for launching a compelling marketing campaign, it’s important to understand the difference between B2B and B2C when it comes to your customer’s motivations. In the B2C world, consumers are looking for convenience and quality. While those priorities do influence B2B buyers, there is a much greater emphasis on the brand’s expertise, efficiency and ability to prove return on investment (ROI).

Understanding your buyer’s top motivations and pain points is essential for building a strong marketing campaign. No matter the industry, company size, budget or scale of the campaign, your marketing efforts must tell a story.

Buyers are driven by a narrative. Whether they acknowledge it or not, consumers crave a story that can inform them, entertain them, and lead them from discovery to purchase with minimal disruption. A great B2B marketing strategy will help lead generation, but what do you need to know how to run a B2B marketing campaign?

Learn how to run a B2B marketing campaign

Know Your Audience

  • At COHN, we believe in using data to achieve greater insights and make marketing that matters to target audiences. From one-on-one interviews, consumer surveys, and even social media polls, our team focuses on gathering the right information to start creating buyer personas that can inform our strategy moving forward.

Set Measurable Goals

  • Business-to-business marketing comes in all shapes and sizes, so rather than attempting to launch everything and hope it captures the right eyes, it’s essential to consider what true impact and value would look like and then build a strategy behind it.

Create for the Complete Funnel

  • On average, the B2B decision-making process involves many more stakeholders and steps than B2C so it’s important to create interactions that reach every step of the buyer’s journey and can move the buyer along the purchase journey.

Put Together an Operations Structure

  • Marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum, in fact, it’s a critical part of growing your business and reaching new leads so make sure there is clear business alignment from the start so that every team member is on board and working together to achieve your goals. Having an account-based agency to lead and nurture these relationships has a clear benefit in this step.

Track and Report Campaign Performance

  • If you don’t measure your marketing, you don’t know what to improve upon and ultimately you will limit your business’s growth. Working with an integrated agency allows for a multifaceted approach to reporting and pulling together the insights that can inform future opportunities, create brand awareness and build even greater interactions long term.

The world of B2B marketing activity is vast. Within one campaign, there lies multiple branding, creative, PR, web landing pages, and social strategies for engaging the right consumer. Our integrated team of experts are ready to help create content for your new B2B digital marketing campaign.

If you’re looking to advance your B2B marketing, connect with COHN and let’s discover what interactions await.

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