Is Your Brand Ready for ‘Revenge Spending’?

April 15, 2021

Key tactics to prepare your business from our branding agency in Denver

Summer is approaching and so is the long-awaited emergence of shoppers who are ready to spend with a vengeance.

With a vaccine roll-out in effect and loosening CDC guidelines, this pent-up consumer demand isn’t far off from exploding, which makes now the ideal time to get your brand in front of these eager eyes.

As a Denver branding agency, we believe a successful brand is more than a cool logo or sharp tagline. It’s a matrix of interactions that work together seamlessly to help your business stand above the competition. This success isn’t fully realized without the key component of marketing: Meaning.

We know revenge spenders are eager to open their pocketbooks, but the COVID-19 pandemic has inspired another type of shopper for marketers to consider, which is the “conscious consumer.” Simply put, these individuals support the brands they feel socially, ethically, or philosophically connected to. More than ever before, consumers want to identify with the brands they patronize and when it comes to standing out in the market, authenticity wins.

So what does this mean for your business? We believe that true success lies in finding the sweet spot between attention and intention.

To help get you started on preparing your brand for the modern consumer, we’ve outlined some key considerations provided by our branding agency experts:

  • Messaging: Ask yourself “Are we clearly articulating our brand for the 2021 consumer?” If not, it’s time to shift your tone and voice to better match the needs and values of your target audience. Keep in mind that updating messaging is more than just a quick copy edit. Your business will need to critically evaluate your website, social media, creative campaigns, and marketing collateral to ensure a successful omnichannel experience.
  • Unique Selling Propositions: Is what makes your business stand out from the competition still relevant? Consider re-evaluating those unique benefits to make sure they still make sense in 2021 or consider adding a USP that will resonate with your target consumer.
  • Logo Design: We know we said a brand is more than a cool logo, but sometimes hitting the ‘refresh’ button can have a major impact on your presence in the market. Gather your creative and strategic teams to look at your logo through a modern lens and decide what updates should be considered.

If your business is looking for a branding agency partner, connect with COHN today and we’ll bring our integrated team of experts together to solve your biggest challenges.

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