Consumer Marketing

We create marketing campaigns that drive consumer action. By uncovering strategic insights about your audiences, we generate consumer demand, nurture customer loyalty, and build brand momentum through strategy, creative, and digital.

Driving consumer behavior through strategy and creativity

Founded in the retail world, COHN understands consumer behavior and what motivates change. It’s not just about flashy campaigns or hoping for a viral moment. It’s about uncovering resonant insights that penetrate deeper into consumer psyche. We’ve got a knack for pinpointing what makes consumers tick and using that information to fuel demand, nurture loyalty, and keep the brand momentum rolling. Whether through smart strategy, eye-catching creative, or cutting-edge digital solutions, we’re in the business of making brands irresistible to their audience.

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We create powerful campaigns and solutions that motivate consumer behavior.

Understanding your audiences is the key to unlocking consumer demand and driving behavioral change. At COHN, we invest time and resources upfront to ensure that our creative campaigns are always strategic and built from insights because creativity is more than just sharp design.