Client Challenge

Change Denver Metro-Area Commuter Behavior and Reduce Single-Occupancy Vehicle Miles Traveled.

Way to Go is the transportation demand management program of Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) that encourages smarter commuting options, reduces single-occupancy vehicle miles traveled, and works to change Denver metro-area commuter behavior. In an effort to further the organization’s mission and achieve its traffic congestion and air quality goals, Denver-based brand agency COHN was tasked with improving brand awareness and customer engagement.

Objective: Change Denver metro-area commuter behavior and reduce single-occupancy vehicle miles traveled.


Our Collectivism Strategy.

After researching behavior-change methodologies and studies that would best resonate with the Denver metro community, two ideas emerged as the most promising options: normalizing smart commuting and establishing a deeper personal connection with our audience. These concepts formed the foundation of our collectivism strategy, which aimed to create social norms of appropriate and desirable behavior. To bring this strategy to life, we sought out real commuters from diverse backgrounds, industries, and lifestyles, casting them as the heroes of our campaign and showcasing their stories.

Client Results

Real Commuters Bring the Campaign to Life

By bringing real commuters onto the set, we showcased the benefits they experienced through their smart commutes, breathing life into the campaign. Through the use of vibrant colors and uplifting messaging, we engaged our audience across various mediums, creating a compelling and impactful experience.

COHN has been able to help Way to Go significantly move the needle in multiple areas, including brand awareness, smart commuting, and employer-sponsored smart commuting programs. Our collaborative efforts yielded impressive results:

-Achieved a 3% increase in brand awareness.
-Experienced a 757% surge in user registrations.
-Saw a 29% rise in commuter trips logged.
-Saw a significant 19% increase in smart commute miles logged.

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