Client Challenge

Redefining quality cannabis by creating higher expectations.

Since 2014, Seed & Smith has been one of Colorado’s premier cannabis brands. But a lot has changed in the industry since then, and its message of premium craftsmanship has been saturated in the market by other brands all touting the same level of quality. Eight years after legalization, Seed & Smith needed to recapture supremacy and communicate authentic differentiation from the so-called experts with a strong, resonant brand story.


Our Solution

Leading with transparency.

COHN created an authentic brand story that wouldn’t go up in smoke but, rather, that communicates what makes Seed & Smith different through its real actions and scientific approach. Highlighting the quality that can be consistently measured and can be seen with full transparency is central to this refreshed story. It’s time to set the bar even higher, and Seed & Smith is the guiding light in an industry that keeps processes under wraps. Cannabis has a long history of being a secretive, cloudy industry. Even after legalization and regulation, competition among cultivators is so fierce that most still operate from a place of secrecy and silence. At Seed & Smith, their secret sauce is not having any secrets at all. Come see how it creates high quality cannabis at high production scales. No secrets. No fear. No compromises. Seed & Smith means higher expectations for all.

Real Results

Putting people at the center of cannabis.

The latest brand campaign—Higher Expectations—tells the Seed & Smith story through stunning visuals and impactful headlines. Due to budget restraints, COHN had to be nimble in placing the campaign through media. Instead of touting the latest deal or promotional offer to draw viewers’ attention, we instead created ad designs that combined high-quality cannabis with people, demonstrating that at the core of quality cannabis is that those who seek the best are the ones who find it. When cannabis aids us in our everyday lives, quality matters; it’s an extension of our everyday lives and promotes a sense of unity with our lifestyles.

COHN expressed the campaign through a series of full-page print ads, animated HTML5 display ads, event materials, SMS promotions, social media brand assets, product menus, and a tour brochure for out-of-state visitors to define Seed & Smith as a cannabis connoisseurs’ premier destination for education and product.

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