2022 Marketing Strategies for Leasing Apartments

April 4, 2022

Our content marketing experts dive into which tactics can transform leads to leases for apartment complexes this year.

When it comes to marketing an apartment, your biggest priority is getting renters through the door. Traditionally apartment leasing agent teams have relied on grand openings to secure the deal, but in our growing digital age those in-person tactics just aren’t cutting it.

Today’s renter is bombarded with flashy targeted ads that almost always have a sense of urgency or “limited time” deal associated with them. There’s no opportunity to truly connect with the brand behind the building and understand why they would benefit from living there.

Here at COHN, that disconnected approach to apartment marketing simply won’t cut it. First and foremost, prospective residents are looking for a place to call home. Every piece of marketing needs to tell that story.

To help support your leasing goals in the new year, our team of content marketing experts share their top recommendations for crafting a narrative that converts and paints a picture far beyond floor plans and amenities. Here are a few:

  • Learn the interests and desires of your renters: Any good marketer knows that understanding your audience is critical and that rule is even greater for apartment buildings. You are selling a safe space, an entertaining pad, a #WFH office and all of the amenities that help your renters live a desired lifestyle. The language, visuals, channels and story all have to be in harmony and perfectly aligned with the needs of your target audience.
  • Build a connected, localized community: It’s a well known fact that people don’t trust brands, they trust people. Part of your marketing focus should be uplifting the voices around your building to both show a connection to the community as well as expand your footprint in the market. Strategies such as spotlighting local business owners, sharing restaurant deals and promoting art galleries are all simple ways to show you care and start the conversation with the right local area leaders.
  • Create an experience that transcends the screen: No matter the industry, audiences want the most comprehensive viewpoint of your brand as possible. Using video content is beneficial to give possible renters a more immersive, interactive virtual tour and help you show off the key amenities that will complete their ideal lifestyle.
  • Find safe and strategic #IRL opportunities: Beyond social media, reaching new renters can happen in unlikely places. Consider event sponsorship opportunities such as trivia nights, farmers markets or festivals, and restaurant weeks. Keep an eye on anything taking place near the multifamily community that you know your target audience will be interested in attending.

Remember that content marketing doesn’t look the same for every brand. If you’re an apartment developer looking to build your brand in 2022 and secure new leases, connect with COHN. Our integrated team of experts will work together to make content with impact.

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