Why Content Marketing is Important for B2B

August 9, 2021

Breaking down the importance of creating a B2B content marketing plan from our Denver agency

In the summer of 2021, we are only just witnessing trade shows and conferences making the slow crawl back into society. As we’ve all learned throughout COVID-19, almost all business can be transacted virtually. This is forcing B2B companies to shift their perceptions of dealmaking and adopt a strategic approach to positioning themselves online.

Enter content marketing.

When it comes to B2B, content marketing is using digital content to attract, educate, engage, nurture and convert audiences into qualified leads. In its simplest form, it’s using online content to increase brand awareness, foster relationships and position your B2B brand above the rest in search engine results.

So why is relevant content creation effective?

Consumers hate being sold to. Gone are the days of cold calls and elevator pitches. Audiences have become incredibly sensitive to “salesy” marketing and will generally tune out anything that comes across with an agenda.

Content marketing efforts, such as white papers, webinars, blog posts, or social media, allows brands to connect with their target audiences. Content marketing programs feel authentic, approachable and foster a deeper level of connection. Since the majority of B2B success relies on having strong relationships, this last benefit is key for reaching B2B buyers.

What becomes less clear about good content marketing is figuring out your investment. Between employee bandwidth, general costs and determining what kinds of content makes sense for your business, it’s in your best interest to seek a strategic partner for your content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is critical in B2B.

If you haven’t already been convinced, content marketing is essential in today’s B2B world. Your business will benefit greatly from diving into the content revolution. Our content marketing strategy ensures your products or services drive web traffic to your brand.

From government, technology, food and beverage to non-profit, our B2B experts are standing by to solve your biggest challenges. Let’s get started today when you connect with the thought leadership at COHN.

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