Top Strategies in Digital Marketing for Apartments in 2022

February 21, 2022

Our digital experts break down how apartment leasing teams can utilize interactive, animated advertising to make every interaction with their brand matter.

It should come as no surprise that digital advertising has overtaken traditional TV during these past couple of years. It’s important to understand which marketing strategy tactics are most effective for breaking through the noise and positioning your brand for success.

The answer? Animation.

Now, before you start budgeting for the next Disney film, an animated ad can be any digital display that has movement. It can be as subtle as zooms or pans or as intricate as fully developed characters. As long as there’s some eye-catching motion involved, your banners will capture user attention, increase lead generation, and have a higher ROI than similar static campaigns.

At COHN, our creative designers and digital marketers work hand-in-hand to ensure your animated ads stand out from the crowd with the use of HTML5.

We’ll save you the technical masterclass, but in short, HTML5 is a coding language that is used to create multimedia content. Unlike other software solutions, it’s supported by every type of web browser which allows your animated banner ads to play seamlessly, every time.

So why does this matter for digital marketing for apartments in 2022?

Because prospective residents and property managers are on the move. Whether it’s relocating for a new job or taking full advantage of a remote workforce, consumers are increasingly on the hunt for something new and it could be your building floor plans with the right HTML5 ad.

If you’re wondering how this comes to life, we recently worked with the smart home automation company IOTAS. We developed an interactive digital campaign with the goal of capturing both property developers and potential tenants.

These HTML5 ads allowed us to tell a full story with the confidence that our animation, video and audio would be compatible for all devices and browsers. It’s this kind of rich, dependable media that allows for greater storytelling and building greater brand loyalty online, every time.

If your company is ready to conquer animated HTML5 ads with a trusted agency partner by your side, connect with COHN. Our integrated team of experts will solve your biggest barriers in Google ads, social media strategy, or Google search. We’ll celebrate your successes. Let’s get started!

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