Client Challenge

MediLogix's journey from equipment rental to innovative SaaS.

MediLogix rents on-demand medical equipment to acute care providers across the U.S. But in 2023, the company developed a SaaS offering called MxEMS that actually aimed to lower its clients’ rental spend. Why? To help its customers reduce waste and operate more efficiently. MediLogix had learned that many customers rent equipment when they actually owned the exact same equipment on-site but didn’t know where it was (or that it existed at all). This new product would fix that, and with the new recurring subscription revenue, MediLogix could potentially break even or even grow as a result. Ready to launch this exciting new business opportunity, MediLogix needed a partner, aka COHN, to create a marketing campaign to bring the product to life for its customers.

AD Campaign


Standing out from the crowd: Ella's market debut.

We got the ball rolling on a campaign to introduce Ella to the market. Knowing the “sea of sameness” in healthcare, we wanted a visually compelling campaign to really stand out for launch at the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living 70th Annual Convention & Expo in October. As the conference approached, bringing with it the unveiling of a fresh booth design, COHN set MediLogix up for success as we ran two print ads and developed a custom landing page with an explainer video.

Explainer Video

Campaign RESULTS

From deserts to outer space.

The Ella campaign had an unexpected and inventive creative approach. The COHN team ideated and created a campaign that shows missing medical equipment in far-out places (a desolate desert, a verdant rainforest, an outer space scene, etc.) with the headline “It’s Out There. Ella Knows Where.” The playful and visually captivating print ads and trade show booth were a huge hit, and MediLogix is now in the process of converting many of its existing customers to Ella users.