Client Challenge

Harnessing legacy to uplevel for the future.

Craig Hospital is one of the only hospitals in the U.S. designated as a top model system for both spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury. As a nationally recognized treatment destination, the hospital pulls from across the country, and even internationally, due to its impressive reputation and successful outcomes among patients. Within the past few years, the leadership team at Craig has invested in establishing a more formalized brand and is now ready to leverage this brand across a variety of audiences, from patients to partners to supporters to employees (and future employees), through a streamlined, efficient, and productive strategic marketing and outreach framework.

Our Solution

Only at Craig.

When a brand is as strong and meaningful as Craig Hospital, the foundation to build for something greater already exists. COHN was tasked with uncovering those magic kernels within the Craig brand story to create a new brand campaign that could elevate Craig Hospital nationally and take the brand to places it had never been before.

For nearly three months, the COHN team learned everything it could about the Craig Hospital mission, history, people, points of distinction, service offerings, and more. We met with various groups across the clinical staff, business operations, the nonprofit foundation, board members, and patients—in all, 12 “brand discoveries” with different audiences—to better understand what makes Craig so special. In these conversations, several themes started to emerge, but none resonated more than the word “only.” For example, ONLY at Craig would the CEO be seen popping into patient rooms on a daily basis. Or the unique story about a patient requesting a rehabilitation falcon—this would ONLY happen at Craig. After dozens, possibly hundreds, of stories like this, a brand essence and campaign idea came to the surface: “Only at Craig.”




Exceptional outcomes can only happen at an exceptional place.

It’s always an achievement to identify the unseen truth and bring it to life creatively and strategically—but to do so across multiple internal departments through an omnichannel external marketing strategy is beyond rewarding.

The “Only at Craig” campaign has been in market since the summer of 2022, and it’s already a hit among internal and external audiences. Within Craig Hospital, the Only at Craig concept is being rolled out across Craig staff and stakeholders through a multi-month marketing roadshow, but it has already become the basis of an internal-facing podcast for culture and recruitment. Externally, Only at Craig” has come alive through TV, radio, programmatic audio, podcasts, print, out-of-home, and digital—and it’s also informed an upcoming capital campaign for the Craig Foundation, set for the future.

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