Client Challenge

A pioneer falling behind.

Once a leader in the smart apartment industry, IOTAS needed a brand refresh to reinvigorate the team and avoid falling behind well-funded rising competition. The company needed brand alignment, competitive research and positioning, persona development, and a content strategy to relaunch. This is where we started, but as is often the case, brand strategy led to other critical creative elements to help IOTAS reclaim the throne of smart apartment innovation.


Our Solution

Once a leader, always a leader.

COHN conducted an in-depth analysis of the market, field research, and internal discovery. From these findings, COHN determined IOTAS was and still is *the* innovator in this space—and it was starting to act like it again. From there, COHN developed a brand strategy that promised its audience the following:

Only IOTAS can consistently deliver a custom smart home experience with proven ROI for multifamily owners, operators, and property managers—all while protecting residents’ data and pushing the limits of what’s possible.

Once the personas and content strategy were in place, IOTAS was ready to launch revised sales strategies and messaging internally while focusing on a new website launch externally.

Client Results

Dominance, regained.

IOTAS knew a website update was essential following its rebrand. IOTAS needed the website to differentiate it from its competitors and focus on maintaining its market position as *the* innovator in IoT. The primary goal of the website was to engage the viewer to request a demo. To help meet this goal, the new website needed to support IOTAS’ new content strategy. With personas in place, COHN developed user journey maps to guide the site map and copy development. We created a unique experience that was more visual than narrative while providing a high-level perspective of IOTAS. The home page features scroll-activated interactions that help guide the user through the story of IOTAS and its focus on smart home automation for apartments. The interior pages are full of helpful and engaging content and are an expansion of the home page offerings.

In the end, IOTAS had recaptured its swagger as the dominant innovation engine in smart apartment technology. Through its dazzling new website, IOTAS was once again able to exude its confidence and be recognized by the industry for its thought leadership. In fact, shortly after launching the new website, IOTAS was acquired by ADT Security and is now co-branded under the ADT brand of products.

Way To Go

Brand Strategy
Content + Social Media
Creative Design
Public Relations