Promoting American Heart Month.

To address the urgent need for heart disease awareness, Exempla Healthcare needed help promoting its cardiology services across its three hospitals. In collaboration with COHN, we devised a strategic solution by leveraging the importance of American Heart Month, which aligns with Valentine’s Day. The result was the creation of the “Message from Your Heart” campaign, which delivered personalized messages to readers, acting as a conduit to spread vital information about heart disease prevention and showcase Exempla Healthcare’s outstanding cardiology services.


A Solution from the Heart.

By strategically capitalizing on American Heart Month, which coincides with the popular Valentine’s Day holiday, COHN seized the opportunity to amplify our efforts. We came up with the creative “Message from Your Heart” campaign, a powerful initiative that resonated with readers on a personal level. This campaign delivered heartfelt messages “from” their own hearts, creating an intimate connection.


Results That Matter.

COHN crafted compelling Facebook ads, elevated the aesthetic of Exempla Healthcare’s Facebook page, and designed clever and creative posters to showcase the “Message from Your Heart” campaign. Through these marketing efforts, the campaign obtained widespread attention and left an impression on the target audience, creating a significant impact and increasing awareness of heart disease prevention and Exempla Healthcare’s cardiology services.

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