Hospital & Elective Care Marketing

Is marketing painful for your organization?

You’re not alone. Healthcare marketing is challenging, especially for hospitals and elective care sites. Patients want to stay healthy, so how do you promote the quality of care without explicitly encouraging hospital visits? How do you sell your services without diluting your compassion? How do you measure success? Your job is difficult, which is why our healthcare marketing agency is here to help.

What are your symptoms?

Answer this two-question survey—won’t take longer than 30 seconds!—and we’ll send you the results so you can anonymously compare your marketing challenges with your peers across the country. We work with hospitals and elective care sites that struggle with their marketing, and we help them solve their problems.

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Let COHN diagnose the problem and prescribe a solution.

Most hospital marketing misses the mark. Why? Walk the halls of any major hospital, and you’ll experience every emotion known to humankind. Ecstatic new fathers. Devoted friends. Sullen family members. Elated loved ones. Yet the hospital marketing we tend to see sterile and anemic. Complex and confusing. Academic and cold.

At COHN, a full service brand marketing agency that thrives in hospital marketing, we breathe life into your marketing efforts. We specialize in all areas of healthcare marketing:

  • Specialty Care Marketing
  • Preventative Care Marketing
  • Destination Care Marketing
  • Hospital Marketing
  • Elective Care Marketing
  • Medical Product Marketing

Let’s talk about your health care marketing needs.

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