Healthcare and Medical Marketing: Strategy and Services

Is marketing painful for your healthcare or medical organization?

You’re not alone. Healthcare marketing is challenging. On the patient side, how do you sell your services without diluting your compassion? On the B2B side, how do you get past the gatekeepers and tell your unique and complex story to doctors? How do you measure success? We understand your job is extremely difficult, which is why our healthcare marketing agency is here to help.

Let COHN diagnose the problem and prescribe a solution.

Most healthcare marketing misses the mark. Why? Walk the halls of any major medical institution, and you’ll experience every emotion known to humankind. Ecstatic new fathers. Devoted friends. Sullen family members. Elated loved ones. Yet most healthcare marketing we tend to see is sterile and anemic. Complex and confusing. Academic and cold. At COHN, a full-service brand marketing agency that thrives in healthcare marketing, we breathe life into your marketing efforts.

We specialize in all areas of healthcare marketing:

Specialty Care Marketing

Optimize your brand’s services to reach clients needing specialized care and attention.

Preventative Care Marketing

Be at the forefront of managing community health with preventative-minded marketing that makes an impact.

Destination Care Marketing

Globalize your brand to reach patients seeking specialized care in medical facilities.

Hospital Marketing

Connect with potential patients, providers, and investors with strategic branding that makes your medical treatment location stand out among the rest.

Physician Recruitment Marketing

Develop critical relationships and hire the best talent through physician-focused marketing that serves your company’s mission.

Elective Care Marketing

Establish your footprint in planned patient care with branding that communicates your expertise in primary and community health.

Medical Product Marketing

Gain crucial visibility among patients and medical providers with marketing that differentiates your product among the competition.

Medical SaaS Marketing

Develop a dependable and identifiable brand among medical facilities seeking a software solution.

Let’s talk about your health care marketing needs.

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