Panorama Orthopedic & Spine Center

Panorama patients get the center stage.
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Patients are people who want to be the center of the story.

Panorama Ortho & Spine was growing quickly along the Front Range and wanted a marketing campaign to convey to their patients that, above all else, they care. Focusing on the patient—not the surgeon—Panorama wanted to convey that it has the breadth of personal care that patients need, in a location that is always convenient for their lives. COHN was tasked with evolving the Panorama brand to work in a campaign that speaks to the breadth of offerings, depth of locations and the vast expertise of their healthcare professionals to provide top-notch care to their patients. Oh, and in a way that is unique in the healthcare spectrum but still rings true to the Panorama Ortho & Spine brand.


Team YOU.

Panorama Ortho & Spine treats you, the patient, as the hero in their own story—always providing the perfect “team” to support a patient’s healthcare needs whether it’s preventive care, surgery or physical therapy. Using real life patients as our subjects in the campaign brings forward real-life scenarios and elevates these patients to ambassadors for Panorama Ortho.

“Team You” is the campaign that tells this story and allows us to be defined with real-patient photography, storylines and content angles to support marketing efforts.


We brought our real commuters on set to highlight the real-life benefits they experience through their smart commutes and brought the campaign to life through various mediums, positive bright colors and acknowledging messaging.


Long-term relationships built through brand awareness.

With this newly launched campaign, COHN has recently updated creative with real patient photography. The response from patients and physicians has been resoundingly positive, so a new photo shoot to provide more patient stories for our campaign and content opportunities is slated for Q2 2022. It’s imperative that we continue to seek out patient diversity in tandem with various service/product line cases to tell the “Team You” story in a way that is true and relevant to our audience.

Site traffic is up. Appointment scheduling is up. And social media engagement is increasing.