Credit Union of Colorado – 2019

Credit Union of Colorado hired COHN to grow awareness, encourage new behaviors, and manage complex media experience.
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For more than 80 years, the Credit Union of Colorado (CU of CO) has been serving members throughout Colorado. With an ever-growing and extremely competitive market, CU of CO is always looking to grow its membership — while also retaining current customers and growing the number of products/services used.


With many banks and credit unions to choose from, CU of CO had to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, but also determine where they could be most successful. COHN used research to develop personas of potential, underserved and most likely clients. At the same time, we created messaging that would resonate with these groups.

The result was the What If... campaign, our approach to appeal to a broad audience and suit a variety of efforts, including brand awareness and a mix of key products and services. From cable TV to streaming radio to digital options, we worked to target these groups and create awareness through general and product-specific campaigns.


Sisters TV Spot

Not a Bank TV Spot

CUCO what if


Not a Bank | Credit Union of Colorado


HELOC | Credit Union of Colorado

Static and Animated Banners

Email and Direct Mail

Radio Spots


Through a media mix influenced by key personas, we reached our defined target audiences in multiple environments, keeping CU of CO top of mind during peak times, while also working to complement CU of CO’s internal initiatives. The campaign has been successful and evolved over the past two years and in 2018 saw nearly 8% membership growth. Plus, we’ve been able to be nimble and meet other growth numbers for specific products.