Account Service: Getting What You Actually Need from a Marketing Agency

February 16, 2023

Maintaining a healthy and happy relationship is paramount to account service, but oftentimes, the push back is what unlocks new ideas and leads to marketing that matters.

Right now if you were to Google ‘Agency Account Service,’ chances are you’ll see a lot of references to customer satisfaction, day-to-day management and proactive communication. That’s because the original role of account service was created to have yes men.

Ad agencies of yesteryear knew that good relationships = more work, and having positions dedicated to nurturing these relationships could only lead to increased revenue. But overtime, this gung-ho approach began producing some pretty subpar marketing. Client desires took precedence over creative and strategic direction, and good intentions became the folly of an entire industry.

Here at COHN, we believe in the power of pushing back.

“A friend will tell you what you want to hear. A best friend will tell you if you’re wrong,” says Senior Account Executive, Justin Gatz. “Because ultimately, the best friend wants the best version of yourself.”

We believe the best marketing comes from being challenged, from taking the blinders off, and from having a trusted partner to checkpoint you along the way. Our goal is to make every interaction matter for your brand, which sometimes means helping clients not get in their own way. Afterall, you’re hiring outside help for a reason. But don’t expect to only be getting the devil’s advocate.

What else should you get from a marketing agency with Account Service?

Someone to show you the microscopic lens and the 10,000 foot drop. Account Service has the unique vantage point of being alongside your brand from start to finish, and plays an absolutely critical role in helping connect the dots between teams to get answers quicker and projects moving.

They are also the body guards of your brand, and will work to protect your image and reputation across every touchpoint. So sure, when working with Account Service at COHN, you’ll hear some constructive criticism and get pushback on ideas, but you’ll also be working with a talented group of people with one shared goal: Uplifting your brand.

We’re also a great bunch to grab a beer with, so if you’re looking for an account service team with the backing of a fully integrated agency, connect with COHN and together we’ll map out your strategic goals to create marketing that matters.

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