Why is Digital Branding Important?

January 10, 2022

Our brand experts explain the importance of making your brand personality stand out on digital platforms.

A brand without a digital presence is like a car with no gas, you won’t be moving forward anytime soon. All businesses today need a diverse array of digital branding tools to progress forward and stay on top in their market.

Digital branding is how you translate your brand online using social media channels, websites, apps, videos, search engines and more. It consists of a combination of digital marketing and internet branding. This will build out your brand online to expand your content capabilities and consumer reach.

In the current digital age we are using our devices constantly. Most of us do the majority of our engaging through a screen. To build brand awareness, it is essential for a brand to use digital channels to make their brand presence known.

So, what makes digital branding different from digital marketing?

Well, digital branding focuses on building brand image, brand messaging, brand recognition, value, reach, and inspiring consumer loyalty. Digital marketing pays closer attention to growing a larger customer base and increasing sales with digital advertising.

Why Is Digital Branding Important?

The bigger a brand’s personality online, the more consumers in the target audience feel personally involved and drawn to a brand. Well-crafted digital branding fosters relationships with users and allows the brand to speak to their audience through everyday interactions on social platforms they are already using.

At COHN, our integrated agency knows the dual power of both branding and digital marketing. We understand that a successful brand is more than a cool logo or sharp tagline. Brand identity is a complex, long term series of distinctions that are built upon every day, inside and outside an organization.

We also take into account that we are well past the days of “see what sticks” online marketing. When marketers chased flavor-of-the-week platforms, it was at their own peril. Today, a strong digital brand is deeply rooted in strategy, where results are verifiable, and return on investment is real.

Eye-catching, informative landing pages. Active, engaging social channels. Impactful videos that tell stories. These are all key elements to bringing your digital brand to life.

Our full-service team at COHN approaches the digital landscape through the lens of collaborative brand marketing, and our digital strategies always integrate with the rest of your marketing efforts. Best of all, we’ll do it together—as a team—to ensure we’re always pulling in the same direction. Connect with COHN today.

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