What’s the difference between Brand Identity vs. Brand Image?

November 22, 2021

Our team of branding experts break down what goes into developing a brand’s internal and external perceptions to make them stand out amongst the competition.

Like all things in life, branding is influenced by and developed through perspective.

A successful brand understands that it takes more than a cool logo or sharp tagline to stand out. It’s about the interwoven relationship between internal and external perceptions, otherwise known as brand identity and brand image.

At COHN, we’re a branding agency that focuses on the complex series of distinctions that are built upon every day, both inside and outside of your organization. To us, the implementation of a brand begins internally but true development of a brand happens externally, by customers, partners, investors, and media.

What’s the difference between brand identity vs. brand image?

Put simply, brand identity is the elements a company creates to portray their image, while brand image is the opinions formed about the brand. The more closely a brand’s identity matches their image, the better.

So how do organizations create positive, strong brand images for themselves?

It starts with knowing the ideas, opinions and emotions of your target consumer, then positioning your brand to feel like an extension of their own thoughts and feelings. The more closely they can identify with your brand, the more positive the brand image.

The process to truly understand your target customer and their needs takes time. However, knowing how consumers perceive your brand is an investment in the success of your company. The investment is made easier with a team of integrated marketing experts like the people of COHN. We understand the importance of helping our clients realize not only what they want their brand identity to be internally, but also how they want their brand to be perceived by their target audience.

Our branding process begins by collaborating closely with the client to determine how their brand will support the overall business strategy. From there, we articulate the brand vision through clear, strong brand positioning. The goal is, again, to evoke the feeling of the brand through brand tone and voice to paint a clear picture for the audience. First, a brand identity is determined. Next, a marketing strategy to create a positive brand image is established. Then, the brand stands tall amongst their competitors by remaining transparent and creating a meaningful connection with their audience.

Our team of certified brand experts are ready to help you bring your brand to life, identify your goals, and elevate your brand beyond your competitors. Let’s get your brand strategy started by connecting with COHN today!

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