How Digital Leaders are Transforming B2B Marketing

August 6, 2021

Insights on the digital revolution from our Denver marketing agency

There’s a new B2B consumer dominating the current marketing landscape, and one of the most important things to know about them is their interactions. Or should we say, their preference to not interact.

When the world went fully remote, professionals across industries experienced a dramatic shift in their perceptions of the workforce, and have since formed a new preference on how business is conducted. Today’s purchasers, including both small businesses and large corporations, desire limited interactions with salespeople and ideally only have to interact with them when it’s time to finalize the deal.

If you’re wondering what they do prefer, it’s digital resources. In part, because our mobile devices have made it increasingly convenient to get the information we need, but also because digital B2B leaders have transformed our experience with B2B digital marketing.

As an agency that specializes in digital marketing, we wanted to share the top ways that B2B companies can embrace digital experiences to advance their dealmaking despite limited interactions. Let’s jump in!

How digital leaders are transforming B2B marketing

Integrate Brand Experience Across Channels

  • Consumers today value content that tells a story about a business’s products and services seamlessly across channels. Why? All of these pieces of content are part of the purchase journey. Nowadays B2B buyers expect a concise, coherent customer experience with brands before they ever consider engaging them for sales.

Leverage Data for Customer Insights

  • A core goal of marketing is to provide the right information to the right person at the right time. This relies on understanding where our consumers are in the buying process, their unique needs and desires, as well as the best time for engagement. All of this is available with customer data. Once businesses can access this data, they can create data-driven consumer personas and build out the sales pipeline faster and more efficiently. Additionally, this market strategy can create customer-centric marketing and sales interactions.

Digitizing the Event Experience

  • Before 2020, tradeshows and conferences were the dominant form of B2B marketing and demanded a great portion of businesses’ budgets. While events are making a comeback, our interactions and ability to participate in them have advanced thanks to digital marketing. Through social media, paid advertising, mobile apps, and other forms of digital marketing – Your brand can integrate the online and offline experience to extend event participation and collect qualified leads along the way.

If you’re looking for a successful digital transformation of your marketing with a Denver team, connect with COHN. Our integrated agency of experts know how digital leaders are transforming B2B marketing. We’ll work together to solve your biggest challenges.

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