What Can B2B Businesses Learn about Emotional Branding from TikTok?

November 15, 2021

Our digital experts break down how B2B businesses can benefit from embracing the TikTok mindset of emotional branding to create marketing that matters.

Emotion usually isn’t the first word that comes to mind when you think of B2B Business, but if we’ve learned anything from these past couple of years, it’s that rules are meant to be broken.

Enter TikTok. A music sharing app turned global phenomenon that’s now the leading social media platform for inspiration, community building and trendsetting. With over 1 billion active users and 35 billion dollars in revenue, it seems that TikTok has cracked the code for B2C brands and content creators to flourish, but how can B2B brands also thrive?

We’re not suggesting you try the latest viral dance moves or food challenges, but B2B businesses can learn a great amount from what TikTok does differently and apply those techniques to their marketing efforts.

So what exactly is the secret sauce to reaching target audiences? Embracing emotion.

More than ever potential customers are craving a personal connection with brands and TikTok opened the door for “stripped down” advertising that doesn’t feel edited, produced or gimmicky. Most marketing on TikTok is by creators, for creators which allows for more authenticity and trust to be built, which happens to be the two things that most B2B buyers look for when selecting a partner or vendor.

According to a study done by LinkedIn, B2B strategies that focus on a person’s emotions and feelings are much more effective than brand strategies that only take a straightforward approach. Where rational marketing will tell consumers what they should do, emotional marketing hits on the human side of the decision making process.

Overall, TikTok has put a spotlight onto what type of content and connections both brands and consumers are looking for in 2021 and beyond. The straightforward, robotic approach doesn’t quite do the trick anymore. Authenticity, vulnerability and an emotional-connection are key to building a long lasting, strong foundation for any B2B partnership.

With an evermore mindful consumer to reach, your business will benefit from having an agency partner by your side to create emotional marketing plans. Our integrated team of B2B experts are ready to solve your biggest challenges and celebrate your successes. Let’s get started by connecting with COHN today!

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