Recruitment Marketing is Becoming an Industry of Itself

August 24, 2023

With labor and human capital becoming harder and harder to come by, many companies have needed to up their staff recruitment game. At COHN, we have seen a big push from healthcare, governmental, and even staffing and recruitment agencies to solidify who they are as a brand, heighten their brand awareness, and show potential employees who they are beyond the logo.

So What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment goes far beyond what is in the job description or an offer letter. Recruitment marketing is where research, strategy, marketing, and branding come together to attract, engage, and nurture the best possible candidates for job openings within an organization.

Brands looking for qualified candidates have the goal of using the right messaging to recruit the right talent, improve their employer brand, and build relationships with candidates.

Challenges With Today’s Recruitment

Recruiting today isn’t what it used to be. Here are some hurdles businesses face:

  • Talent Wars: Everyone’s after the best minds. It’s not just about pay anymore but the whole package: culture, growth, and perks.
  • Remote Work’s Rise: The world’s gone digital, and so has work. This means casting a wider net but also rethinking how to onboard and keep teams connected.
  • New Job Seeker Priorities: The new workforce thinks differently. They weigh work-life balance, company ethics, and continuous learning opportunities heavily.
  • Embracing Diversity: Today’s talent pool is vast and varied. It’s essential to have a recruitment approach that speaks to everyone.

Tackling these issues requires a fresh approach, an understanding of today’s job market, and the changing mindset of job seekers.

Importance of Employer Branding in Recruitment

In modern recruitment, employer branding holds significant weight. Potential hires are keen to grasp more than just their potential duties. They’re curious about the company’s culture, advancement prospects, and value alignment. Crafting a story that highlights a company’s ethos can make recruitment efforts more impactful, drawing in the right candidates.

The Evolution of Recruitment

Digital platforms have transformed recruitment, with most job seekers now using online resources. To attract these tech-savvy individuals, companies need a strong online presence. However, traditional methods remain valuable for reaching passive candidates considering a career change. With available data, companies can optimize where to post jobs and refine their strategies, ensuring effective recruitment campaigns.

Marketing for Recruitment

Marketing for recruitment agencies or businesses looking to hire doesn’t have to be high-strung or straightforward. When job seekers view a posting, they’re also assessing the company’s brand and deciding if it’s a fit for them. A marketing strategy for hiring employees is a time to show candidates the company culture of your brand and the type of personality they will really be working with if they get the job.

The Power of Storytelling

COHN is a full-service agency ready to take on any and all recruitment marketing efforts. With the rise of search engines and the importance of brand awareness, it’s crucial to ensure that your recruitment marketing strategies stand out. From messaging strategy to creative design, radio or tv scripts, and much more, we are an agency built to elevate your brand and help you know the best ways to showcase who you are.

Success Stories: The Impact of Effective Recruitment Marketing

In the recent past, we have worked with two healthcare brands to create recruitment campaigns for nurses…

Valley View Hospital

In a post-pandemic hiring landscape, the Human Resources (HR) department was struggling to find seasoned nurses and technicians to come work for Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Valley View partnered with COHN to develop a recruitment campaign that would target the Front Range of Colorado, as well as surrounding states like Utah, over a 10-week period.

COHN was able to quickly pull together a layered digital and traditional paid media plan that would help Valley View’s HR team reach its goals. The plan comprised social, OOH, display, radio, email, Google Discovery, and SEM.

For the campaign concept, COHN wanted to feature the incredible lifestyle potential Valley View healthcare professionals could experience if they moved to this area. Our team designed a locally focused, visually impactful campaign that illustrated diverse adventures, while specifically addressing the roles and open positions Valley View was hiring for.

The reason for this campaign’s success narrows down to the way this campaign reflected Valley View’s overall brand. They are a fun-loving team with as much passion for the outdoors as they have for their patients. By showcasing this in the campaign, it targeted the right candidates to fit into their already established company culture and talent community. This goes to show that no recruitment campaign is ever going to look the same.

Craig Hospital

For Craig, their recruitment campaign stemmed from the “Only at Craig” branding campaign COHN collaborated with their team on. For nearly three months, the COHN team learned everything it could about the Craig Hospital mission, history, people, points of distinction, service offerings, and more. After coming to the finalized campaign direction, it was then used to create messaging for nursing careers in Colorado.

In 2022, healthcare professionals were facing a lot of obstacles. Not only the current workers, but the evergreen college graduates looking for their first opportunity, as well. After conducting copious amounts of research on which groups were the right ones to focus on, we targeted these three different personas – recent graduates, current nurses looking for better work-life balance, and individuals looking for an all-inclusive experience at a one-of-a-kind hospital.

Through an omnichannel approach – TV, radio, programmatic audio, podcasts, print, out-of-home, and digital – this recruiting strategy has been beyond rewarding. Along with these external-facing strategies, we helped Craig ideate a direction for their Unstoppable @ Craig podcast, which has also been used as part of their recruitment efforts. Building a recruitment campaign from the foundation of branding was a factor that saw success once again.

Why Use an Agency for Your Recruitment Campaign Strategy?

Picture COHN as the navigators of the talent sea, helping your brand discover the best ways to authentically pitch yourself to your desired crew members. As a partner to your brand, we take a step back, research every relevant aspect of your brand, industry, and competitors, and then we proceed. We won’t just say what people will want to hear, we take a deep dive into your brand and use that as the foundation of your recruitment campaign, ensuring a positive candidate experience.

When brands team up with a savvy full-service marketing agency to create a recruitment campaign strategy, they’re getting a big dose of know-how and resources. Our agency pros work together to make sure everything, from the messages to the designs, clicks just right. We also know the benefits of collaboration for these types of campaigns.

Incorporating a marketing strategy for recruitment agencies or businesses seeking talent is essential in today’s competitive landscape. It ensures that the campaign is not only effective but also resonates with the right audience.

We want to work with your brand to see what you want to showcase about your business and we turn that into messaging that will engage the exact audience you want to target.

If you are looking to add a few new faces to your team and want the help of our integrated marketing team, connect with COHN and we will be here to partner with you every step of the way.

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