What We Read This Week – October 6, 2017

October 6, 2017

In this week’s What We Read, white space makes people focus on key messages, cannabis can learn from craft beer, designers are thinking about iPhone X, and audience messaging can improve your content marketing. Enjoy the weekend!  

The power of white space in design

The first lesson I learned as a content/copywriter is that designers always want less copy. Do you think you could cut this down some? A little less, please. Maybe just a little bit less if you can? You know what… I think this works best without any copy at all. As a writer, I always want more room for persuasive messaging, but I’ve come to appreciate what happens when you say less. That’s because in design—and in life—our audiences are easily distracted, and white space is the chaser that allows our audiences to consume marketing without throwing up. Here’s a write-up about why/how white space helps sell more product.

CJ Powell, Writer


Craft beer faces an identity crisis

This good piece from the Denver Post on the crossroads at which “craft beer” finds itself. There are already real parallels to the “craft cannabis” industry, and there will only be more as the overall industry grows and matures.

Taylor West, Senior Communications Director 


Looking to create more engaging content?

This article is full of tips and tricks, but a lot of it comes back to engagement. Makes sense, right? In today’s world, most people aren’t reading, they’re skimming. This author maintains that it’s all about your audience — think about how they want to learn more. From video, to load times, to presentation, there are a lot of good ideas.

Anne Wright, Director of Client Services


7 ways to design for the iPhone X

New iPhone X?!?! Heck yes!!! But instead of gawking over the facial recognition feature, a UX/UI designer should take notes on what has changed that affects their design process. This week I read a great UX/UI article about how designers and developers should embrace the new iPhone changes and how to address the differences from last models.

Jeffrey Steffonich, Art Director

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