What We Watched This Week – September 29, 2017

September 29, 2017

In this week’s What We Watched, machines rise, PR transparency rocks, and hospital marketing shines. 

The Rise of the Machines

I find theories around our future fascinating, and explainer videos just make me happy.

Chris Thomas, Creative Director

RTD says Strong Economy the Reason for its Bus Driver Shortage

In today’s media race it’s more important than ever to foster good relationships with your local media talent. Traditional public relations professionals might cringe at this clip; did he really just say crap? It might not be a strong recruiting message; however, I feel that its a breath of fresh air. I also happen to know Nate Currey, we have co-promoted Denver transportation solutions in the past and this is truly his style. Transparency is the new messaging king. Rock on RTD.

Anna Duggan, Senior Public Relations Director


Hospital Marketing National Podcast: Lisa Henry, Mary Washington Healthcare

I recently stumbled across this podcast series published by DTC Perspectives. As one of the leading hospital marketing agencies in the Rocky Mountain Region, I love listening to smart marketers like Lisa Henry discuss hospital marketing challenges, including reporting, analysis, budget, and advertising/branding challenges. The highlight for me was hearing Ms. Henry discuss predictive modeling in healthcare to improve message mapping with audiences/personas. Again, if you’re into hospital marketing like we are, give this a listen!

CJ Powell, Writer



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