5 must-have social media posts for hospital marketing teams

Hospitals should leverage social media marketing

Hospitals across the U.S. have taken social media marketing to new levels, using the social amplification and shareability of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Pinterest (believe it or not) to tell healthcare stories to fans and followers.

When we partner with hospitals and elective care destinations for their marketing needs, social media strategy—both paid and organic—is always part of our recommendation due to its unique power to connect with audiences on a personal level.

As you’re putting together your hospital’s social media strategy, we at COHN wanted to make sure you don’t overlook these five social media post types that help your pages generate more engagement and build a stronger online following.

And because every hospital marketing blog in the U.S. features the Mayo Clinic as its go-to case study, we decided to keep things local and pull in examples from Colorado-based hospital providers. Enjoy!

1. Health tips

Regardless of industry, social media is the place to flaunt expertise—and what are hospitals if not experts in all things health? The most successful way to gain an audience in content marketing and social media is to provide value to your audiences, and so as experts in health, do your part to share your knowledge to help your followers stay healthy.

Colorado example:

health tips

Photo credit: Children’s Hospital of Colorado

2. Translate current events and pop culture news

Want to tap into the shareability of social media? Catch the wave of trending topics. What was Angelina Jolie just diagnosed with? Does Pokemon Go have any health effects? Is “Work Martyr Syndrome” a real disease, and if so, what does your hospital say about it?

Colorado example:


Photo credit: Presbyterian / St. Luke’s Medical Center

3. Risk awareness

As a local authority on your community’s health and wellbeing, posting about potential health risks in the area is not only smart social media strategy, it’s also the right thing to do.

Colorado example:

Denver Health Social Post

Photo credit: Denver Health

4. Staff recognition

Don’t overlook the size and reach of your internal staff on social media. This is your chance to promote and highlight internal champions at your hospital, which is paramount to building a culture of recognition and respect.

Colorado example:


Photo credit: Rose Medical Center

5. Patient stories

We saved the best for last. If you aren’t sharing patient stories via social media, you’re doing it wrong. Whether it’s through long-form storytelling that relies on written storytelling, quotes, photos, X-rays, testimonials and more, or rich video that tugs at your heartstrings, sharing patient stories is by far your greatest opportunity to connect with social media users.

Colorado example:

Credit: UCHealth YouTube 

If you’re a hospital marketer and you are looking for a marketing partner to help you with your social media strategy, give us a call. We’re a full-service hospital and healthcare marketing agency that uses brand strategy to drive results for your team.




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