Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Video Marketing Campaign

April 27, 2020

How to get your message out through a video marketing campaign

Video is unquestionably a vital part of our digital landscape. Scroll through any social media platform, news outlet, company website – the list goes on – and if one thing is clear, it’s that video marketing is here to stay.

Not only used as a powerful tool for bringing brands to life, but effective video marketing keeps audiences connected overtime, thus extending the lifespan of your business online.

With more than 20 years of experience in delivering video content for our clients, COHN is sharing our expertise for developing or improving your current video marketing strategy.

And you’re not in this alone. Our dedicated team of specialists is on standby to help with your business’s biggest challenges. Explore our video capabilities page to see how COHN handles video production from start to finish and let’s get the conversation started.

What To Do

  • Promote Value over Success. No one is tuning into videos that only talk about how great your company is. Dive into what makes you different in the market and how your product or service is helping your audience.
  • Have a Script. What is the greatest asset of a video if not its potential to tell a story? Harness the power of both visual and written storytelling to create those meaningful, emotional, and impactful touchpoints with your target audience(s).
  • Prioritize Aesthetics. As a visual medium, quality is directly tied to credibility. Don’t let your message get lost in unsteady camera work or poor lighting. It doesn’t have to be a Hollywood production, but your video content should match the quality of your brand and the needs of your audience.
  • Include a Call-To-Action. Getting your audience to the end of the video is the first step. Don’t leave them without a reason to continue engaging. Whether it’s a number to contact, promotion code, or any other point of conversion, have a plan for what they should do next and how you get them there.

What Not To Do

  • Give TMI (Too Much Information). Undoubtedly, video is more engaging than text. So why produce a novel-length script? Avoid the lectures and keep videos digestible by following the three ‘s’ to success: short, succinct, and shareable.
  • Expect Instant Results. Many companies dream of going viral, but the reality is that successful video marketing isn’t defined by views. It’s proven with conversions. A well-targeted campaign starts with strategy and brand to ensure that your budget is optimized to drive the right views and return real results for your business.
  • Production over Purpose. There is A LOT of video out there. Adding to an already saturated market is not efficient without having clearly defined goals and objectives for your video marketing campaign. A well-constructed single video is 100x more valuable to your brand than a string of content shot on an iPhone.
  • Focus Too Much on Sound. Whether it’s through captions, imagery, or through instructional motions – you need to get your story across without the use of sound. Consider the platform you will be posting to and how your audience will most likely be watching. If it can’t properly engage through visuals, you’ve lost that viewer and potential customer.

Now that we’ve got some basic do’s and don’ts covered, are you ready to bring your brand to life through the power of video? Connect with COHN Marketing to see how our integrated team of account, creative, digital, social, and brand strategy can help work towards your video marketing goals.

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