#TakeoutTogether Continues

April 17, 2020

Why #TakeoutTogether is delivering much more than a fresh meal

Facing an unprecedented crisis, we were all tasked with creating a ‘new normal.’ Universally, corporations, governments, and the everyday worker adapted to a new paradigm of business as usual.

But not every industry felt this impact equally, and as COVID-19 swept global markets, those vulnerabilities became clear.

As a small business ourselves, COHN Marketing knows success, or rather survival, comes from our connections. And when we didn’t have the resources or manpower to globally affect change, we choose to think locally.

#TakeoutTogether is our promise to support small businesses, and make a difference for our nation’s struggling restaurants, one meal at a time.

It’s a commitment by our agency, our clients, and our team to do what we can for the more than 15 million American food service workers facing an uncertain future. And hopefully, through collective action, create those critical connections for our local restaurants.

Help us spread the word by reaching out to your community: friends, family, vendors, media, and anyone who is craving to do some good. Let them know about our dedicated #TakeoutTogether page and toolkit so that joining along could not be easier.

It’s time to pay it forward by picking up from our local eateries. So, what will you be ordering next?

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