Building Your Brand During Confusing Economic Times

May 18, 2023

Now is the time to invest in your brand

Jeff Cohn, Founder and CEO, COHN

Here’s a blinding fact of the obvious for anyone in business in the first half of 2023. The economy is, to put it plainly, wonky. We are all feeling it and asking questions.

  • What’s up with the banking crisis? Will I be impacted at my bank?
  • Will there be a recession?
  • Will interest rates stabilize?
  • Big tech and other industries are doing massive layoffs. Is my small to medium size business next?
  • Why does everything feel so darned sluggish?

As an agency, we see this in two ways: with our clients and within our own operations. We have to navigate changes in the macroeconomy day to day.

When companies feel this economic questioning, the results are typically cut, cut, cut. Fear sets in. Marketing and brand-building efforts often suffer. New innovation and new efforts to target new customers may be restrained. Things slow down.

As marketers and brand builders, we strongly believe this is the time to invest in your brand. We recognize that budgets may be retrained, and businesses have to run their operations. But the evidence is clear that a weakening economy is exactly the RIGHT TIME to invest in your brand, not constrict your efforts. Many brands and companies have used challenging economic times to be even more present in the marketplace and have come out of the downturn (or slowdown) flourishing, ready to take on the next era.

While your competitors are pulling back, your organization can use integrated marketing, PR and content to drive visibility and gain market share. While your competitors reduce their investment in online visibility, your organization can work with agencies like COHN to rethink their online presence, from new approaches to content to social media that create impact. While others cut, you can take this time to rethink your band and marketing strategy to ensure they are on track for the next wave of growth.

Economic questioning should lead to marketing innovation. At COHN, we believe “Every Interaction Matters.” Uncertain economies are precisely the right time to look inward and determine your brand’s ability to build market distinction and competitive advantage by maximizing every customer engagement, while simultaneously building new streams of customers.

At COHN, we are walking our talk. From outbound email campaigns to online visibility to earned media and content generation, we are boldly working to “get out there” and deliver our message clearly and confidently.

It’s a new Fearless approach to shake it all up in these economic times and to say to our current and future customers that we stand ready to help you build your brand strategy and visibility no matter what is happening in the general economy. Let’s use this time to build our brands together.


Fearless with Purpose