A Quick Guide to B2B Influencer Marketing in 2021

August 16, 2021

How working with digital creators can advance your B2B marketing

Social media has become a primary tool for connecting with consumers and differentiating your B2B brand online. However, this sudden influx of businesses embracing digital marketing has made the battle for audiences’ attention even greater.

Any marketer knows that consumers trust the messages of other consumers more than brands. This word-of-mouth preference has accelerated the popularity of influencer marketing. However, many B2B brands still struggle to see the value of these influencer relationships.

The reality is that B2B influencer marketing is important, and in most cases, more effective than B2C. Pulling from the insights of our digital marketing pros, we’ve broken down the essential tools for a successful influencer campaign in 2021.

How to run a successful B2B influencer marketing campaign

Find Existing Brand Advocates

  • A cardinal rule of any influencer marketing campaign is collaborating with creators who are relevant to your niche. Before you start looking for high-profile (and high-cost) personalities, try looking inward at those who are already familiar with your brand. These can be current employees sharing information about your business online or connecting with partners who have a trusted voice in the market. This saves you the hassle of research and comes across more authentically to the audiences that matter.

Engage Beyond Social Media to find the right influencers

  • While most influencers have found their primary audiences on social media, when it comes to B2B audiences, their reach expands into podcasts, blog posts, keynote speakers, conferences, and other thought leadership platforms. By searching beyond the mainstream media, you can find influencer programs that have carved out a loyal audience relevant to your business niche.

Develop Original and Innovative Content

  • Just because you are marketing towards other businesses doesn’t mean your creativity needs to be stifled. In fact, breaking conventions around B2B marketing will transform your sales pitch into a work of art. Subsequently, it will develop a lasting impression on decision-makers and potential customers. Influencers are called digital creators for a reason. Lean on them to produce exciting, innovative content and put a human voice to your brand.

In 2021 and beyond, influencer marketing is only expected to rise and become a primary channel for B2B marketing. Are you looking at your marketing budgets for the year and see an opportunity to get ahead of the competition?

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