What We Read This Week – September 30, 2016

September 30, 2016

Sit back, relax, and catch up on what we read this week.

New universal symbol must accompany all marijuana sold in Colorado

A handful of new packaging restrictions go into effect October 1 for Colorado cannabis businesses. Arguably the most important is the new universal symbol—a red diamond with “THC” printed in the middle under a large “!”—that must be on the front of all new medical and retail cannabis packaging. Our client roster extends into Colorado’s legal cannabis industry, so we’re certainly taking note. If you’re a marketer looking for the source files for this symbol,  go to the state’s regulatory guidelines page.
CJ Powell, Writer


Americans are embracing “Smart Homes”

With residential energy use claiming 38% of today’s energy needs, Americans are looking to new technologies to decrease their electric bills. From Solar to Energy Star, more and more options are available to meet today’s demands.
Anne Wright, Senior Account Director


How Facebook Is Trying to Transform Office Communications and Collaboration

Imagine a workplace communications tool so seamless that it required no training, provided ample privacy and was customized to your company. Enter Facebook at Work. This mobile-first tool is still in the limited release phase but seems to be catching up to successful company communication tools such as Slack. Do you think your company would use Facebook at Work?
Kaitlyn Ambrose, Content Coordinator

What We Watched – September 23, 2016