What We Watched – September 23, 2016

September 23, 2016

Sit back, relax, and check up on what we watched this week.

Data Proves Amazon Reviews with “Free or Discounted Disclaimer” are Extremely Biased

Mind blown. This video from Review Meta will absolutely change the way you look at Amazon product reviews. Apparently, there’s a huge pool of people who write Amazon reviews after receiving the product for free. Some of these people have written thousands of reviews—and companies can seek out these (usually positive) reviewers in exchange for free product. Kudos to Review Meta, which independently reviews the Amazon reviews using an algorithm that removes bias, for casting a light on this weird underbelly of Amazon reviewers. You better believe I downloaded the Review Meta browser extension immediately after watching this.
CJ Powell, Writer 


Hillary Clinton Just Made the Best Use of Silent Autoplay With This Social Video Ad

How often while scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, do you stop and watch an entire video from start to finish with the sound on? I’m going to guess not very often. The Clinton campaign’s latest ad was designed with this behavior in mind. The ad features model and deaf activist Nyle DiMarco, who asks that viewers who can use their voice in the upcoming election do so. The entire ad is silent and utilizes autoplay to convey how United States citizens need to use their voice in November all while touching on the treatment of Americans with disabilities, too. Truly powerful.
Kaitlyn Ambrose, Social Media Coordinator


Google Trips could change landscape for CVBs and Tourism orgs