What Questions to Expect from Your Social Media Discovery?

November 30, 2021

Our digital marketing experts share their checklist of questions to anticipate when developing your brand’s presence online. 

Let’s cut to the chase. If your company isn’t engaging social media in 2021, you’re missing out on an important channel for engagement, brand building and connecting with key audiences. However, it’s not enough to simply be on social media. You need a strategy to back it up. 

At COHN, we believe that every interaction with your brand matters and having a comprehensive social media strategy is part of that work. When onboarding new clients, we take the time to craft a winning strategy that sets you apart from the competition and this process starts with getting to know your brand and pain points a little better. 

Similar to our brand discovery process, our digital strategists sit down with your team to understand your goals, purpose, identity and target audiences to be reaching. For a better sense of what to expect, we’ve laid out some of the social media discovery questions you should prepare for and why they matter to your overall marketing strategy. 

Social Media Discovery Questions

  • Why do people choose your brand over others? This question, above all else, is getting at the unique selling points (USP’s)  of your brand. Once we can identify why people care or should care about your organization, we can begin to develop the tools, social profiles  and strategies that position you above the competition. 
  • What other brands/individuals does your target audience engage with on social media? The reality is that your audiences are engaging with more than just your brand. Once we can identify the other companies and marketing campaigns that catch their eyes, then we can tailor your brand voice  to best complement their needs and desires. 
  • What current social, political, and/or cultural issues matter to your brand? These days audiences need more from social media updates than a pretty picture or funny caption to create brand loyalty. Target customers  need to know that their values and beliefs are aligned with the brands they invest in. By firmly establishing your brand’s mission on social media, you can expect to garner a community of loyal followers. 
  • What resources do you have available for content creation? Per its namesake, social media marketing relies on being social and that includes having enough content to keep audiences engaged with your social media channels. From highly-produced brand videos to user-generated images and everything in between, content creation takes time, money and a strong team of marketers to meet the demand. 

Answering these questions and more will help guide the tone, visuals, type of content and campaigns that are built into your customized social media content strategy. If your company is ready to conquer social media with a trusted agency partner by your side, connect with COHN and our integrated team of experts will solve your biggest barriers  and celebrate your successes. Let’s get started!

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