What We Read This Week – June 5, 2015

June 5, 2015

Here’s what we read this week, starting with why everyone loves phablets.

Consumers Love Phablets
To set the record straight, my Phablet does in fact fit in my pocket. Keep teasing — you don’t know what you’re missing!
Anne Wright, Senior Account Director

The competition to control the personal computer
Corn Chex or Crispix? Xbox One or PS4? Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? We can all weigh in on these timeless debates until we are horse in the throat. But… here is a story that illustrates the latter one of these arguments.
Jeffrey Steffonich, Senior Designer

Smartphones allow us to be more impulsive than ever before. Each of these “micro-moments” presents an opportunity for brands to address users needs and influence decision-making with quality, relevant, and useful content. If you thought your brand’s customer journey was already super complex… just wait.
Mike Margiotta, Digital Strategist Created a Facebook Autoplay Ad That’s Infinitely Better Without Sound
These social ads from take the disadvantage of Facebook’s auto-play ads, that play on silent, and capitalizes on it in a hilarious, eye catching way.
Samantha Drake, Digital Strategist

Uber brand guidelines
Nothing like clean, brand guidelines in the digital world. Uber makes sure that everyone that is using the brand has easy access to its digital brand guidelines.
Jeffrey Steffonich, Senior Designer

Design can be art
Just some thoughts I read and re-read from the great Rand Paul on what a designer is and does and how we communicate those ideas visually.
Chris Thomas, Associate Creative Director

Photo Credit: Mashable

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