What We Watched This Week – May 29, 2015

May 29, 2015

Enough reading for the week. Sit back, relax and enjoy what we watched this week. 

Plum Organics Amazing Moments
In keeping with the trend toward more honest parenting ads, Plum Organics finds a way to connect their brand with the trials and triumphs of parenting. As much as I dig the copywriting style, I wish they’d taken big baby steps away from the overused “A” word.
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director

Letterman’s Final Top 10 List
What’s not to love? We’ve all found these to be funny at one point or another.
Anne Wright, Senior Account Director

Bernie Sanders Campaign Site’s 404 Page Is The Most Bernie Sanders Thing Ever
Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders decided to have a little fun with his 404 page, using a video to explain to users that they’re on the wrong page.
Justin Kutner, Digital Director

Scrabble “Anagram Lovers”
A moving story, told through anagrams. Clever.
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director


Google Photos offers free, unlimited photo and video storage
Anytime Google releases something it takes the world by storm and I believe Google Photos is going to do just that. With the release of it this week we were able to see the brand video for Google Photo and it is simple and beautiful. Not to mention the informational web page is simple and amazing AND it includes video 🙂

Jeffrey Steffonich, Senior Designer

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