What are the Main Characteristics of B2B Marketing in 2021?

Insights from our creative and branding pros at our marketing agency in Denver

Business-to-business marketing has come a long way in the past decade. COHN has been at the forefront of this innovation, especially when it comes to branding. While price and profit still factor into the decision-making process, emotional triggers like trust, convenience, quality, and social responsibility have a strong influence on today’s B2B customers. Before we dive too deep into our B2B strategies, let’s break down the main characteristics of B2B marketing strategies in 2021.

What are the main characteristics of B2B Marketing Strategies for 2021?

Developing Long-Term Relationships

  • In its simplest form, B2B marketing is a business promoting its products or services to another B2B company. However, because these B2B products, goods, and services tend to be more complex, pricier, and have longer development times, choosing and finding the right partner is critical.

 Identifying and Nurturing Personas

  • Many factors go into B2B purchasing decisions which often means there are multiple decision-makers involved in the business buying process. Each of these individuals has their own stakes in the game, their own communication style, and their own primary channels of engagement. Our job is identifying these B2B buyer personas and developing marketing that will best reach them to make a true impact for your business.

Goal-Minded, Emotionally-Motivated

  • B2B customers want to be educated on how the product or service will impact their bottom line, but just because they have a logical mindset doesn’t mean that emotion can’t get in the way. Every consumer wants to be entertained and feel connected to the brand. So our job is to create a marketing experience that inserts expertise and personal value into the buying process.

If you haven’t already noticed, branding plays a big role in today’s B2B world. With an evermore mindful consumer to reach, your business will benefit from having an agency partner by your side. From government, technology, food and beverage to non-profit, our B2B experts are standing by to solve your biggest challenges. Let’s get started today when you connect with COHN.



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