Healthcare Promotional Strategies Post-COVID

Key healthcare promotional strategies for creating patient experiences that reach the new consumer

Healthcare marketers had quite the year.

From nonstop media communications to shuttered events and marketing campaigns, there has been little breathing room for marketers, especially when it comes to healthcare marketing planning. Initially, 2021 provided the same uncertainty that we had become familiar with, but this reactive approach to marketing is no longer sustainable.

We are now witnessing a global vaccine roll-out that makes our “uncertain” world much more clear. Consumers are increasingly (and eagerly) stepping away from their screens and embracing the experiences they’ve been denied.

The world is opening up, which means now is the time to have your healthcare promotional strategies in place. Outlined below are the key healthcare marketing trends to stay ahead of the post-COVID consumer boom:

Amplify Employee Advocacy: We’ve always known health workers are heroes, but the pandemic magnified their importance and influence on a global scale. Elevate their voices further by integrating these figures into the marketing channels that make sense. Showcasing their expertise, as well as their positive endorsement of your brand, will be the authentic messaging audiences are craving in 2021.

Prioritize Local Search: The pandemic forced many households to re-evaluate their living spaces which led to an unexpected real estate boom throughout the past year. This increase in new homebuyers also means a new pool of potential patients to be engaged. Ensure your healthcare organization is in the top local Google search results by keeping contact information consistent, boosting online patient reviews, and working with a digital agency to improve marketing efforts via lead generation, landing pages, and retargeting.

Embrace Social Channels: It’s no surprise that digital media became a cornerstone of healthcare industry marketing amid the pandemic, but many marketers believe this “screen time routine” is here to stay. Audiences are now familiar with engaging brands on social media, which makes it the perfect time to leverage those likes for your business. Read our must-have posts for healthcare companies to help you get started with social for medical practices.

If your healthcare practice is looking to promote your presence in the market, connect with COHN today and we’ll bring our integrated team of experts together to solve your biggest challenges.



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