Does My Company Need a Brand Refresh or a Rebrand?

Our brand experts explain how to decide when it’s time for a full rebrand versus a brand refresh.

All brands must eventually decide when it’s time for a rebrand or a brand refresh.

In our 22 years of brand marketing, COHN has worked with hundreds of brands in answering this very question—at least 50 in the last five years alone. As one of the region’s most experienced brand marketing agencies, our team is incredibly knowledgeable and adept at navigating those “crossroads moments” for any brand, including yours.

What is the difference between a brand refresh and rebrand?

One of the most surprising parts of the brand strategy process for our clients is the revelation that brand strategy is actually business strategy, and vice versa. When you define your brand strategy correctly, it becomes your North Star and guides all business decisions.

A full rebrand, then, is like tearing your brand down to the studs and rebuilding. It’s a massive overhaul that signals a complete change in ideology. Rebrands are transformational and generational. You better have a really good reason to want to rebrand, because it’s a big undertaking.

A brand refresh, on the other hand, happens all the time like a snake shedding layers. They’re healthy and normal, and you could make the case that any minor logo update or new campaign is a version of a brand refresh. Brand refresh to sharpen, modernize or re-establish their brand. If a rebrand is tearing it down to the studs, then a brand refresh is a new coat of paint.

Which path should my brand take?

If after reading this blog, the answer isn’t immediately clear, then it’s probably time to engage an experienced team to ask the right questions and help you find your way. The stakes are as high they get, and COHN specializes in this process. Give us a call or shoot us an email, and let’s schedule a meeting to help you navigate your brand crossroads.



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