Healthcare Content Marketing: How To Repurpose Content To Drive Conversions

March 14, 2022

Our content marketing experts break down the importance of repurposing and share our winning tactics for ensuring your content drives conversion.

The fact is that content marketing is a strategy based on generosity. Your business or organization is ‘giving away’ various pieces of content that are meant to educate, inform or simply entertain target audiences. This approach is intended to keep your brand top of mind by distributing articles, podcasts, videos, white papers, blogs, webinars and social media posts that promote your brand’s expertise in the market.

It’s a full time job, but we’re here to share the tips and tricks for getting your content to work for your healthcare organization by embracing the power of repurposing.

COHN has the privilege of working with hospitals, elective care destinations, medical device companies and insurance providers so our depth of healthcare content marketing runs deep. If there’s one thing that is true across these medical branches, it’s that there’s no time for anything besides caring for the patient.

The following examples should help you maintain a patient-first mentality in your healthcare content marketing strategy, while also generating the content that drives impact. Let’s dive in!

  1. Reformatting:
    In medical terms, no piece of content has ever truly flatlined and by reformatting it, you
    can give the content a new lease on life. The key here is transforming the delivery and
    platforms used in the original content. Can an old blog post be turned into a helpful
    social media graphic? Can a recent webinar translate into a podcast episode? How about
    digging up some patient testimonials that can inform a new case study? By recycling all
    or most of the elements from your existing content, you can expand your reach into new
    markets and engage the audiences you may be missing otherwise.
  2. Updating:
    If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that the state of medicine is constantly
    changing. Use this as an opportunity to revisit old content and make the needed updates once new information is out and available. For example, looking through old social media posts and seeing if there are new statistics to share. Or start responding to online patient reviews and include information about new services or hours. This not only shows that you are staying on top of the news and data that affects the healthcare industry, but you have the patient’s interests and care as a top priority.
  3. Personalizing:
    These days marketing campaigns are becoming more and more about creating tailored experiences for your audiences. There is a set level of customization that consumers expect from brands and when it comes to healthcare content marketing especially, we know that every patient is different. While it’s not feasible to curate unique pieces of content for every individual, it is possible to embrace segmentation. Dig into the personas of your core audiences and begin to align specific pieces of content that can match their needs. For example, for the audiences that want a deeper connection with their providers you can start a monthly email newsletter that repurposes content from the doctors and spotlights different employees or offices. For the audiences that want access to the latest medical advancements, you can develop social media groups to deliver data in real-time.


It’s important to remember that content marketing is not a ‘set it and forget it’ strategy, and it especially does not reward you for distributing content aimlessly. Be thoughtful and strategic with the channels you choose to engage because your time is valuable and you want to invest it where your true audiences are.

If your healthcare company is looking for support in creating a successful healthcare content marketing strategy and wants a trusted agency partner by your side, connect with COHN and our integrated team of experts will work together to make content with impact.

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