The importance of marketing in healthcare industry

March 30, 2021

Breaking down the importance of creating a marketing strategy for your medical practice

It’s no surprise that after 2020, there’s been a magnifying glass on the healthcare industry. We’ve had a front-row seat to the power of health systems and championed our most vulnerable heroes, both on and off the front lines.

As we continue to embrace a post-pandemic world, these sentiments will begin to fade, and so will the brands who don’t see the importance of marketing in healthcare industry.

Not convinced? We’ve gathered our certified brand experts to help position your healthcare business above the rest.

“The healthcare industry is intimidating. Not just for people facing a diagnosis or invasive treatment, but for those trying to navigate insurance, find a provider, or choose a pharmacy. Our role as marketers is breaking down those barriers and creating an approachable space for your healthcare brand to shine.”
-Kelly Grega, Content Manager

“It’s a win-win for the patient and provider. Through marketing, doctors can know more about the advanced technologies available to them. And patients can learn about the great care that’s close to home. It’s how we help create better, safer outcomes for everyone.”
-Chris Thomas, Creative Director

“Healthcare is so personal, yet so often it can come across to potential patients as sterile, clinical, and cold. Marketing creates connection points between the brand and the person, leading to better patient experiences and relationships in the long-term.”
Lisa Wieting, Chief Marketing Officer

“As marketers, our primary goal is persuasion that leads to conversions for our clients, but healthcare practices are an incredibly complex industry. Our goal is to create a bridge for target audiences to understand our client’s story, lay the groundwork for the sales team to convert, and ultimately get the right tools in the right hands to improve health outcomes and save lives.”
-CJ Powell, Senior Brand Director

If you’re a healthcare marketer looking to improve your marketing efforts, connect with COHN today. You’ll learn more about the importance of marketing in healthcare industry. We’ll bring our integrated team of healthcare marketing agency thought leaders together to solve your biggest healthcare marketing strategy challenges.

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