How Embracing a Beginner’s Mindset Can Improve Your Business

January 24, 2022

As we approach a new year of marketing in 2022, it’s time to look at how your brand could benefit from letting go of preconceptions and embracing an attitude of openness and eagerness.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, our industry and the greater society learned the meaning of disruption. We were challenged to pivot, stay agile and plan for the unexpected. These traits have not only transformed our workforce, but have greatly influenced the last two years of marketing campaigns on a global scale.

We are now consumers without steady footing. Our world has been turned upside down so many times that we no longer know north from south. As marketers, we commonly see ourselves as the compass for consumers, but what if we embraced a new direction?

It’s time to welcome a beginner’s mindset.

At COHN, this means letting go of preconceptions and the endless trends. Instead of saying “I know” we’re going to embrace the “I wonder” approach to strategy. And hopefully by keeping an open mind, we can unlock new insights that move our industry forward.

So what exactly does this beginner’s mindset look like for your business?

  • Unbiased Expertise: Part of working with a trusted agency partner is knowing that your organization is in good hands. We work with you to understand how our capabilities can accelerate your goals and lead to better outcomes overall.
  • Open-Ended Dialogue: At COHN, we know that conversation fuels new ways of thinking and can influence how we approach marketing your distinct brand. Whether it’s hosting an all-day brand discovery or a quick status call, we put communication first for our clients.
  • Data-Driven Action: A key tenet of embracing a beginner’s mindset is learning from your mistakes. We take the time to analyze what has been done and create new pathways to ‘fail forward’ and create marketing with an impact.

The past couple of years haven’t been easy to say the least, but this isn’t the time to get comfortable with the chaos. By embracing an open mind in 2022, we can release the pressure valve and actually find enjoyment in the unexpected.

If your business is ready to unlock new ways of thinking in the new year, connect with COHN and our integrated team of marketing experts will work together to help make every interaction matter.

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