Maximizing Brand Efficiency with an Integrated Marketing Services Agency

March 7, 2022

New reports show a growing impatience with advertising that prioritizes entertainment over utility. Our integrated marketing company reveals how to reach the efficiency-minded consumer.

Ask any marketer and they will tell you that the consumer always comes first. However, recent data shows a changing consumer taste that could hinder advertising effectiveness in 2022.

PWC and IAB, the digital media and marketing trade association, have partnered again to identify key challenges and opportunities in the advertising ecosystem.

Their greatest insight: Advertising’s Value Proposition Must Change.

The study shows a growing demand for better, more useful ad experiences with 60% of consumers wanting efficiency compared to 15% caring about fun images.

So how can marketers prioritize utility while still delivering a memorable brand experience?

It starts by eliminating friction through a collaborative approach. At COHN, we provide integrated marketing services that not only support your overall marketing strategy, but can meet the shifting expectations of today’s consumers.

The success of our agency depends on our collaborative nature. We rely on each other to ideate, create, and make things happen for our team members and clients. As our remote lives continue, and our consumer mindset keeps changing, COHN stands ready to adapt, learn, and grow to serve your business’s greatest challenges. Connect with us today and let’s make marketing that matters!

Why Hire An Integrated Marketing Agency?